Employing the AB Split

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Yesterday I sat down with a young man who asked for a little mentoring from me.  He had started writing a novel and wanted some coaching as to how he could get a publisher and or a literary agent.  I explained to him, first of all, how tough it was to get a publisher.  There are over 200,000 new books published every year and probably 10 times that many books that try to get published but are turned down.  I told him how I eventually got my first book published and how that didn’t happen until I had sold several hundred thousand copies by myself. Of course, he wanted to know how I did that. What I told him is something that can help anyone to achieve great success with almost any venture they are interested in pursuing.

Many years ago one of my mentors introduced me to a very simple but very powerful method of marketing.  In simple terms it’s called an AB split—it’s an easy way to measure anything from what price is the best price to charge to what words in an advertisement, book title, product name or anything else will be the best to use to grab people’s attention.

You can test two prices in a newspaper ad, for instance, by spending just a few extra bucks to have one ad show a $25 price printed in half the newspapers, then list a $45 price in the other half of the print run.  After looking at the orders you receive, you will know which price your customers preferred by simply counting up the orders you received for each price listed. The same AB split can be used with snail mailings or internet marketing, radio, TV or phone solicitations. And that’s just the beginning.  You can test what title would be best for a new book, or the best headline for an advertisement or the best words and story to tell in the body copy of a lengthy ad.

When I couldn’t get a publisher to take on my first book I began using the AB split method and quickly and quite inexpensively found out that the “How to Wake up the Financial Genius Inside You” title of the book and the headline in my advertisements was far superior to the headline “How to Become a Millionaire”.  I then used the AB split to discover what price was best, using newspapers, mailings and TV ads.  Wow, once I found the best price and the best headlines and body copy to use, things went crazy as I began advertising just about everywhere, in newspapers, radio, TV and mass mailings.  The orders came rolling in by the thousands and eventually that money led me to publish a newsletter that morphed into a magazine with over 50,000 subscribers.  All of that, plus some, coming primarily from the use of the AB split method.

I don’t know what the young man who wants to be a big time novelist will do with what I told him but if he applies the AB concept to getting his book out there and sticks with it, I’m pretty sure he’ll soon see huge numbers for his book along with many lifetime rewards and a ton of satisfaction.

Write Your Way to Credibility

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We’re building up to the final step in building your wealth as I had advised a very motivated young man not too long ago. The key to this is leveraging your success by bringing financial partners into your plan. This will be the fourth and last step which we will get to next week. But right now, let’s talk about what you need in order to put Step #4 into practice.

A real key item to have in order to bring people in who can help you leverage your efforts is to have a great calling card. You need something so you will be remembered and more importantly that you gives you some instant credibility.  Putting things into print is a sure way to show you are serious and this automatically gives credibility.  It could be a magazine or newspaper article or, even better, a book on the subject or a closely related subject.

I’ve found that the best calling card I’ve ever has been in the form of my books.  Anyone really can write a book, even if you can’t seem to find an agent or publisher or even if you don’t feel that you are much of a writer. There are individuals, businesses and plenty of books and websites to get you started in self-publishing. You don’t even have to do it all—you can hire on people to do any of the work you don’t feel you can do well or don’t have time to learn.

I self-published my first book, printing only 1,000 copies in the beginning, but wow … selling or even just giving the book away gave me a giant boost in credibility and even a little fame. It got me on the front page of the Wall Street Journal and even on NBC’s Today Show. That made it terrifically easy to get potential investors interested in my projects.

In today’s computerized world you can write a book of any length and print just a few dozen copies or a few thousand for a rather small investment. Then you can hand these out like calling cards, use them to start a conversation and list the publication as a credit on anything you post or print up, for anything. Everyone will take you seriously with your name on a good publication.