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Here’s a STEP-BY-STEP game plan on exactly how to have a highly passionate, abundant, fun life. And how to have it RIGHT NOW!

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Are you ready to avoid a mid-life melt down–the so-caled crisis that so many experience–many even before mid-life or some even well after?

Mark O. Haroldsen shares his solution in a recent interview about why he wrote his latest book:

“This book contains the specifics of how I answer the continual question my mind keeps asking: ‘OK, how do I avoid letting down, letting go, or giving up when things are going wrong or are in total chaos around me?

“This book answers that question with a step-by-step formula that has given me MARVELOUS RESULTS and high levels of success and personal contentment. I truly want to see many MILLIONS throw off the status quo and fear of the future and begin to live with greater passion, excitement, and purpose RIGHT NOW– and truly enjoy the good things of life.

“I’m passionate about seeing people reconnect to their dreams and achieve satisfaction and financial success, right now! I want my readers to truly have what they REALLY WANT out of life, despite the economy, what is being heard on the news, and any other perceived or real challenge.”

“Here’s my time-tested, step-by-step, SURE-FIRE formula to getting what you REALLY want!”

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