Practice, Practice, Practice

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If you want to super charge and shorten your path to big success, you will need to apply the forth rule I talked about—leveraging your success through other people’s money.  But before you attempt to bring partners into you financial plan you had better get out there and do some small deals so you will know how they work and so if you make some mistakes it’ll be with your own small deals and not with a partner’s money. Think of this as your practice phase.

This kind of phase will allow you to better judge what it will take to make a viable deal. What sounds easy to you on paper is usually such a different thing when you get out there and do it. I can tell you all about my own experiences but until you actually start making deals yourself, what I tell you will really only be theoretical to you. It’s going through all those steps—the  tiny ones as well as the big ones—that will really drive home the lessons I am telling you about here.

And doing some deals with your own money will give you a chance to build a portfolio of investments which you can bring to potential partners. Investing in your own projects with your own money also shows that you have full faith in what you are doing, enough to risk your own funds. This will add to the confidence people will have in you and will make it easier to convince them to invest with you.

The other thing in this phase to remember is that you will make some mistakes. It doesn’t mean this kind of investing isn’t for you, it just means you’re learning. And at least you will be learning and risking just your own dime.

So set yourself up to start making deals. Put money aside to make those first couple of investments. It’s that first big step that will make everything else you have to do that much easier.

The Success That Comes with Mentoring

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Last week I started telling you the story of a young man who asked me for some financial advice. His questions and what I had to tell him was too good not to share.  Supercharging your goals is something we can all benefit from.

As I mentioned last week, you must first firmly set your financial goals and then write them down with a time dead line. After that, you can super charge and speed up your attainment of those goals by following these few easy tips:

1. Go out and find a mentor–Mentors are a must!

2. Get your feet wet and get some experience on a few small financial deals.

3. Go out and make yourself the best calling card possible.

4. Use the “Partner Path” to supercharge and speed toward your goal.

Anyone who has followed my blog over the years knows that I became so financially successful by wisely using leverage to buy real estate. I started with small houses, duplexes and small apartment buildings—usually ones that needed to be fixed up—then I rented them out and or sold them. Look at these numbers and the return on investment and you can see just how a person can make a fortune in a short time by using ten to one leverage and selling property for, let’s say, 10% higher price than the price paid for it. This can give a 40 or 50% return on your money or even more … because of leverage.

So, with this as the basic game plan I advised the young man to follow the tips I just gave him.

1. Find a Mentor: A mentor should be someone that has done what you want to do and has been successful at it. I encouraged this young man to meet with his mentor frequently and to pick his or her brain as often as he could.  He was already doing that with me but with how much I travel he was going to need at least a back-up mentor.

Now, how do you find a mentor and more importantly how can you get them to agree to be the mentor? Well, my advice is to use the Onassis model or method.  The Onassis method, as I call it, follows what Aristotle Onassis, did many years ago when starting out to meet the perfect contact so he could import cigarettes from Greece to South America where he lived then.  This is the method I used to meet the billionaire founder of McDonalds, .

When Onassis was a very young man–long before he made his fortune- he wanted to meet a top guy in the cigarette business that could help launch him into his first business deal of importing cigarettes. So basically Onassis just pestered the guy–he simply stood out in front of his office every morning then by the guys gate at night–not saying anything but just looking like he needed help-finally after about 2 weeks the very influential cigarette executive stopped and said to Onassis. “Who are you and what do you want?” From that simple approach Onassis took a giant leap forward into that business, because this top exec told him to go see the main buyer and use his name as a reference.

From that simple strategy, Onassis began his road to become a billionaire.  I used a similar but easier tactic to meet with Ray Kroc,  the billionaire founder of McDonalds. I called his office almost daily asking his secretary for an appointment and after many, many phone calls she said that Ray would meet with me but for only 10 minutes. I flew to San Diego and met with Ray Kroc walking out of his office 2 hours later. Hey, what can I say?  I just asked him to tell me why and how he became such a great success in life and business and as it turned out he loved talking about himself. Who doesn’t?

There are three more items you will want to implement in order to be super successful but let’s save those for next week. In the meantime, think about who you would want as a mentor. Who is doing what you want to do in a very successful way? And what would it take to get a hold of that person and have them mentor you?

Learning From My Journey

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Recently I met a young man who had some very big, big dreams for the future. I was quite impressed and fascinated by what he told me he was going to do with his life and, yes, I could easily see myself in him. Well, I had to go back 40 plus years in time to see myself in him but even back then, I too had huge dreams of success. As I listened to him, many sweet memories came back. Those years were such fun and exciting times. I gained both fame and fortune (even though the fame only lasted the traditional 15 minutes but it was great!)

This young man wanted me to give him some advice and help on a plan and formula that may have worked for me and might work for him. So basically I told him my road to riches story, about how I started with nothing but eventually found my fortune, far exceeding my wildest dreams. Back then my dream was to be a millionaire but I ended up with ‘multi’ in front of the word millionaire.

However, being a millionaire wasn’t my first goal. I had initially dreamed of being a NBA basketball star. I had led my American High School team from Ankara, Turkey to a come-from-behind finals victory in the Olympic stadium in Rome. I was on top of the mountain then and thought I could do anything but when I got to Utah State University on a scholarship and found myself sitting on the bench I realized I needed to alter my goals a bit. I went on to tell this young man that I quickly changed my thinking from basketball and broads to books on goal setting and fortune building. I became fixated on making a million dollars and wrote the goal down with a drop dead date—my 30th birthday. And I not only met that goal, I beat it.

So my advice to this kid was this–set a big goal or goals, write those goals down and then be sure to put a time deadline on those goals. I added that it’s also better to set goals around things that you love, like to do, and know you have some talent in.

The next thing I told him was about  the habit I had formed when I was only 19 years old, the habit of keeping a journal of my life and more importantly of my inner most thoughts, or as my dear friend of 50 plus years from my basketball days in Ankara says, “Journal your Journey”. I told this young man that those many journal entries over the years lead me to write a book that not only enhanced my own life but also pushed me to do more. That book gave me virtually instant fame and even added to my fortune. I was so blessed and lucky to eventually sell more than 2 million copies of my first book How to Wake Up the Financial Genius Inside You and that was just the beginning.

I will tell you next week, exactly what I told this young man to do. I’ll explain the ways to super charge and speed up one’s success path and even why he or you or most everyone who really wants to make a big impact on this thing called “human existence” should write a book. And, no, you don’t even have to have a literary agent or a publisher. Have you ever wanted to end up on the front page of the Wall Street Journal or be on the Today Show? Well, I did both and what I talk about next week can help you get there as well.

Super Brain Gives You Anything You Want

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Last week I ended my blog with a tease, saying I would give you some secrets and methods of how to train your brain to give you anything you want.  The authors of the book Super Brain say that you need a ‘matrix’ to work from to accomplish whatever goal or goals you set for yourself.  They also make the very powerful point that the “secret isn’t exerting more willpower or beating yourself up for not being perfect. The secret is changing without force.” So to achieve goals and objectives in your life without force you need to create a matrix for making better choices.

Obviously if you are trying to lose weight you wouldn’t set up a matrix that lists thing such as:

1. Eat more meals at fast food places.

2. Buy and stock more ice cream and donuts in the house.

3. Watch more T.V.

4. Drink more beer.

5. Hang out with more overweight people.

For your matrix to work with a weight loss objective you would  much list items that were opposite of those listed above and you would be better  served if the list contained 10 or 12, or even more, positive directions that you would follow.

For example, the book Super Brain gives a wonderful matrix for a positive lifestyle:

1. Have good friends.

2. Don’t isolate yourself.

3. Sustain a lifelong companionship with a spouse or partner.

4. Engage socially in worthwhile projects.

5. Be close with people who have a good lifestyle–habits are contagious.

6. Follow a purpose in life.

7. Leave time for play and relaxation.

8. Keep up satisfying sexual activity.

9. Address issues around anger.

10. Practice stress management.

One last word of wisdom from Super Brain–“Success comes when people act together and failure tends to happen alone.” This last quote from the book certainly has been the case with me and my life with everything from making tons of money to losing weight to being in tip top shape.  I’ve been so blessed to be able to hook up and hang around all the right people who have made it so much easier to start and stick with a particular matrix.

Go ahead and start today by creating your own matrix for what you want most at this time in your life!


The Super Brain at 70

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Finally, I’ve past the 70 year mark so now I can stop being so focused on my ‘age’.  But I am thinking and acting on maintaining and improving my “Super Health”!  Why, oh why, would I want to do that?  Oh, I don’t know, maybe because great health and longevity are more than a little important to me as it is for most people, especially as we age.

With that in mind, I found myself reading, for the third time, Super Brain by Deepak Chopra, M.D. and Rudolph E. Tanzi, Ph.D. I do so love their subtitle Unleashing the Explosive Power of Your Mind to Maximize Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Well-Being. What a great book!

Even though I was having such a fantastic time, I even thought about this book at my huge 70th birthday bash. My wife Kimberly put together the most amazing party with over 200 people including family and a ton of great friends. We had professional Brazilian dancers and a drum team (my daughter Cammy is on the dance team) plus three talented fire dancers that put on a fantastic show that reflected off our pool with the night lights of the city as a back drop.  And the party went on until 3 a.m.!

That night Chopra’s book popped into my head as I talked to an old tennis friend, Galen Young, who is just short of turning 90 years old. The thing is, Galen is still playing a mean game of tennis (he is currently ranked 10th in doubles and 5th in singles in his age group in the U.S.) He has even set another goal firmly in his super brain–he has decided that he is going to win another gold medal at the Huntsman World Senior Games–and I sure wouldn’t bet against him.

You see, the book Super Brain really does reveal some super secrets and methods to train or program your brain to give you pretty much anything you want.  The authors give some great brain plans for super health and super longevity and good ol’ Galen Young is out there doing it so you know what … anyone of us can do the same thing!

The day after the party I jumped back into the book to re-read and re-dedicate myself to applying the concepts and the methods that Super Brain reveals. Here they are …

Ok, I am teasing you now because we will wait until next week to share those details. If you can’t wait for my blog, by all means, go ahead and buy the book! You’ll want to eventually anyways.