Your Own Financial Genius

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Years ago after writing my first book How to Wake Up the Financial Genius Inside You people started calling me a “financial genius”. My typical response was “Thanks, but I am no genius or a financial genius! I am just an ordinary guy who got through high school with a “C” grade average.” I would then explain that the millions of dollars I made were due to following a simple formula that my multi-million dollar mentor, Larry Rosenberg, shared with me–the same formula that I have shared with you in my book.

Fast forward many, many years and many more millions of dollars. I was recently shocked when, just for fun, I Googled the words “financial genius” and saw my name come up just above Warren Buffett and Albert Einstein (since I first looked at this Google page, I moved from top of the list into second slot and Warren Buffett was replaced by Alan Greenspan.) My name was there as part of Amazon’s website and shows my original 1976 edition of How to Wake Up the Financial Genius Inside You, available for $12 dollars and the revised edition called The Next Step In Waking up the Financial Genius inside You, available for $24.50.

Seeing my name and book listed so predominately on the Google search has motivated me to offer all of my blog readers a REAL DEAL! The timing of this is particularly, serendipitously and financially very, very important. Why? Because right now with today’s much reduced prices combined with the incredibly low interest rates, you would have a tough time finding a better period in modern history to apply my simple but highly effective “million dollar strategy” ,which really is the strategy that wakes up anyone’s financial genius.

Right now is the best opportunity for buying properties you can fix up and flip or just rent with huge rates of return. Go ahead and Google “financial genius” right now and see for yourself the comments on the old book like the one Jason from Colorado sent saying “The numbers are from 1976, so add a zero to most of them and it translates well into modern day.” Or from Dallas, Texas W.E. Wyatt’s comment “Change the numbers and this book could have been written this year. The principals remain the same.” And folks, that’s comments about the 1976 book!

Let me tell you about the revised book The Next Step in Waking up the Financial Genius inside You. It’s bigger and better and if you or someone you know wants help with making a fortune, I will help you out right now.  Email me at or call the office at 801-307-2787 and ask for Malinda and I will send you the new edition for only $9.95 with no shipping or handling charges—if you want both the old edition and the new—add 5 bucks.  You need to get started right away since interest rates are beginning to slowly climb as are prices of properties!


Get Out to Get Re-Motivated

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Most of us get really excited when we project ourselves into the future and see ourselves reaching lofty goals. Whether those goals are huge money goals or super health goals or incredible success in singing, dancing, acting or winning a big golf or tennis tournament, they motivate and energize our lives.

But if you are a normal human being from time to time you do get down and discouraged, sometimes   even hitting a big time depression because you didn’t quite reach a goal that you set for yourself or because of a personal or family problem or challenge.  The good news is there is a very simple and virtually cost free cure, a re-motivation method that takes only an hour or two to get you back on track!

You have most likely have used this method before.  It’s not a huge secret. So in this blog I’m just going to remind you about it and ask that you use this simple routine more often than you have or maybe even on a regularly set basis to get you back, and keep you, in the game. And believe me, you aren’t alone in neglecting this. I’m preaching to myself here too!

Yesterday, after having a nice lunch with a very dear friend of mine, Radd B, I happened to drive by the cemetery where my dear sweet 16 year old daughter Kristin was buried 27 years ago.  I stopped for just a few minutes but those few minutes brought back a rush of memories surrounding her death that pushed me suddenly over the edge into a pit of despair, self-pity, sadness, and depression.

I quickly drove home and told my wife I was a wreck and was going to take a long walk.  I drove up the canyon and began hiking up through the pines with all the sights, sounds and smells of Mother Nature around me.  An hour and half later my brain, attitude and outlook for life and the future were completely transformed.  And that, my friends, is the simple, cost free, cure and re-motivator that we all know works … getting out into the natural world where things are balanced and calm.

With all we have going on in our lives, we too easily forget how powerful and effective Mother Nature can be in bringing us back to a composed and stable baseline. Getting out doesn’t have to be in the mountains or on a beach either. It can simply be a walk around the neighborhood, in a park or out in the more rural areas of where you live. The key is to get out of the house and as close to nature as you can. It really is amazing how a small thing like spending time outdoors away from our hectic world can re-adjust our heads and re-motivate our souls!  Mother Nature always knows best!!


Develop Your System, Delegate the Details

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Last week I wrote about the mafia guy Sam “Mooney” Giancana and how he used systems to build and manage a huge, albeit illegal and vicious, financial empire. I’m not encouraging you to use his particular systems but it is a wild example of just what can be done when you have good systems in place. So the question now is, what kind of systems will work for you to allow you to dramatically increase your income and at the same time give you more free time to do whatever you like and enhances your life?

Before we can go over what a system is and how you develop it, you must understand this:

Grand Strategies Pay Huge Dollars and Details Drain Your Time.

Look at most people’s lives and you’ll find that they spend the majority of time wrapped up in the details. No, that’s not the way they planned it, but it’s so easy to get sucked into that habit. One big footnote here is you must realize that some people thrive on detail. And that’s okay, it’s just that if you really like the detail then you probably need to accept the fact that your road to huge automatic streams of income will be much harder for you. On the other hand, it’s these kinds of super detail loving people you need to hire to do the details for you.

If you’re a big ideas person, the struggle may be keeping focused. Ever notice how, when you’re away from home and business, usually on vacation, you can come up with some darn good strategies and systems for success? But then, when you get home, the details of your life and business pull you away and you lose focus of those great ideas you came up with when you were away from it all. So the number one strategy needs to be a plan to back away from it all, to get a clear mountaintop view of your business and your investments or potential investments. You must be able to see your own financial big picture.

Once you have that mountain top view and you figured out what your grand strategy is going to be then you need to start getting systems into place. When I started out to dramatically increase my income and net worth, my grand strategy was to build my fortune with income producing properties. To speed up the process I decided to find “dirt bag” properties that I could fix up and sell for a good profit. I found out very quickly how the details can just suck up your time so my first “grand system” was to start delegating these details to other people. Everything from using dozens of real estate agents to look for properties that fit my criteria to very inexpensive workers to do the hard labor required for the face lifts the properties needed.

I clearly remember the first apartment building I bought. It was twelve super dumpy, dirty, rundown units. That’s where I learned my big lesson about systems, especially about details and delegation. In the beginning I thought it would be smart to save a few bucks since I was way short of cash and take over as the resident manager even though I didn’t live on the property. Wow, was that ever stupid! Fortunately, within a few months I realized that the details were not only driving me crazy but, more importantly, they were sucking my time and energy which was destroying my outlook on buying more properties.

So you see, right here is the biggest rub. If you’re handling all the details and you hate it, why would you ever want to buy more properties which will only bring you more frustration and problems? Of course the answer is that you wouldn’t. Always remember, if you want to double or triple or even gather 5 times your income, you will always need to delegate the details!!

It’s all in the System

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Ridiculous! Most people won’t believe the next sentence, but it can be absolutely true if you want it to be: The average person can increase their income by 5 times and spend less time working than they do now.

Yes, that’s true, and I can prove it in just a few minutes. Then you can go out and do it.

A few years ago as I lay basking on the beautiful Poipu Beach in the South Pacific, I was reading, Double Cross, the story of Sam “Mooney” Giancana. Sam ran the Chicago Mob for years, involving “the outfit”, as they called it, in prostitution, numbers, vending and protection (a nice word for extortion) of legitimate businesses ranging from garbage collection to barber shops. They also were involved in running drugs, money laundering, motels, restaurants, night clubs and hijacking, to name just a few more.

How did Sam find the time to manage, direct and control such a vast cash generating empire? Sam was not even what you would call an educated man, so how did he do it? He saw the big picture and knew the key to his own personal success was in the “systems”. Nobody has more than 168 hours in a week to get things done–so to expand or clone yourself you must devise “systems” that work automatically, whether you are awake, asleep, working in Washington or playing tennis in Tangiers. And Sam had developed just such systems, systems that, once set up, would run on auto pilot most of the time. When the system slowed down or broke, he would fix it. Granted, his methods to fix the system were more than a little harsh. For us non-criminals when our tenant, broker or employee makes a mistake we might want to put them on some kind of probation or fire them rather than break their leg or rub them out.

Can you see the vision here? If you organize your life and business to run automatically without you–with income constantly coming in, especially from one source, then that gives you free time to work on other ideas, dreams and develop more income sources. Then you can literally increase your income by 2 or 3 times and even by 5 times and work less than you do now!

Personally, one of my initial driving forces was the thought or question of how my family would get along if I died the next day. So I went to work with that somewhat negative motivation and in a very few years I had arranged more than 95% of my income to flow in on auto pilot which gave me lots of time to work on more income streams. How was that done? In a word, Systems.

This week I just wanted you to take away the idea that you can make more money and work less by simply developing systems that can bring in automatic income. Next week I will tell you what kind of systems I used and that you can use to increase your income or just to give you more time to do other fun things.