Thanks a Billion!

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I’ve been talking about the great success of the young university student that started with nothing and ended up with billions of dollars worth of income producing properties but this time,  I thought I would try to tease you into reading,  or re-reading, The Next Step to Waking up the Financial Genius Inside You by posting the thank you letter that Dell Loy Hansen sent me years after reading my book and which now prefaces the Pre-forward of the revised edition. This is just one of many thank you letters I have received and shows you how putting my principles to work really can change your life. :

Dear Mr. Haroldsen:

I have wanted to thank you for many years, but like most people I have not until now. When a friend told me you were going to republish your wonderful book, How to Wake Up the Financial Genius Inside You, I saw my chance to return a favor.

You woke up my “genius” over 25 years ago when I had a $200 VW and a ten-speed bike to my name. I wanted to own real estate to gain cash flow and future value as the mortgage loans paid off, but how? Your simple, straightforward plan allowed me, at 23 years of age, with no credit history or capital beyond a 2 week paycheck, to buy my first two homes for $200 down. I owned those homesf for 12 years them sold them for a $72,000 profit plus the years of cash flow I lived on.

When people ask, “can I still do this?” I smile. I truly believe it is actually easier today with better information, computers, more cash in the economy, and obviously, a great deal more real estate to choose from. I sincerely think I could do “better” today with an average intelligence and above average desire than 25 years ago.

For 25 years, I have pursued your principles and continued to grow in economic strength and knowledge. Today, the group of friends and family that I lead as chief operating partner own over one billion in real estate in Utah, Nevada, and California. The cash flows now exceed my dreams and my friends and family are economically secure and grateful. Life is so fulfilling as my options to travel and do charitable work are part of my every day life.

Thank you a million –or more appropriately, “Thanks a Billion!”

Your grateful student,

Dell Loy Hansen

CEO Wasatch Property Management, Inc.

Okay … did I tease you enough for you to read the book?  You could also do someone a huge favor by giving or sharing the book with them–it could change their life and yours too! Get yourself or a friend a copy here.


Your Own Financial Genius

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Years ago after writing my first book How to Wake Up the Financial Genius Inside You people started calling me a “financial genius”. My typical response was “Thanks, but I am no genius or a financial genius! I am just an ordinary guy who got through high school with a “C” grade average.” I would then explain that the millions of dollars I made were due to following a simple formula that my multi-million dollar mentor, Larry Rosenberg, shared with me–the same formula that I have shared with you in my book.

Fast forward many, many years and many more millions of dollars. I was recently shocked when, just for fun, I Googled the words “financial genius” and saw my name come up just above Warren Buffett and Albert Einstein (since I first looked at this Google page, I moved from top of the list into second slot and Warren Buffett was replaced by Alan Greenspan.) My name was there as part of Amazon’s website and shows my original 1976 edition of How to Wake Up the Financial Genius Inside You, available for $12 dollars and the revised edition called The Next Step In Waking up the Financial Genius inside You, available for $24.50.

Seeing my name and book listed so predominately on the Google search has motivated me to offer all of my blog readers a REAL DEAL! The timing of this is particularly, serendipitously and financially very, very important. Why? Because right now with today’s much reduced prices combined with the incredibly low interest rates, you would have a tough time finding a better period in modern history to apply my simple but highly effective “million dollar strategy” ,which really is the strategy that wakes up anyone’s financial genius.

Right now is the best opportunity for buying properties you can fix up and flip or just rent with huge rates of return. Go ahead and Google “financial genius” right now and see for yourself the comments on the old book like the one Jason from Colorado sent saying “The numbers are from 1976, so add a zero to most of them and it translates well into modern day.” Or from Dallas, Texas W.E. Wyatt’s comment “Change the numbers and this book could have been written this year. The principals remain the same.” And folks, that’s comments about the 1976 book!

Let me tell you about the revised book The Next Step in Waking up the Financial Genius inside You. It’s bigger and better and if you or someone you know wants help with making a fortune, I will help you out right now.  Email me at or call the office at 801-307-2787 and ask for Malinda and I will send you the new edition for only $9.95 with no shipping or handling charges—if you want both the old edition and the new—add 5 bucks.  You need to get started right away since interest rates are beginning to slowly climb as are prices of properties!