Wise Words from Dr. Lustig

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On Feb 21st of this year my son David, sent me an email with a link (see below) to a YouTube lecture by a Dr. Robert Lustig. Without a doubt this video has dramatically changed my physical and mental being! It honestly has lifted my life 2 or 3 levels … and my life was pretty damn good already. Watch it as soon as you can and see if you agree that his words have such tremendous value.

By now if you’ve read even a few of my blogs you know I am big on setting goals and strongly believe that goal setting and your journey toward those goals is a huge key to a happy, fulfilling and super productive life.  Dr. Lustig’s video lecture gives you a pretty straight-forward goal that, initially, you might think is just a health goal but it’s more than that. I’m tempted to summarize what he says but then you won’t really get the impact of the presentation or you might think “I’ve heard all that before.” Trust me, you haven’t heard all this. I’ll just say it’s well worth every minute of your time to watch and learn and follow.

By following, I mean for you to set some health goals based on what he is saying.  I certainly have done that and WOW what a superb and uplifting change it has made in both my physical and mental life—if you don’t believe me just ask my wife! So get yourself a nice cup of tea and sit down to listen. Then change your life. Now!


Sharing and The Great Reward

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Not too long ago I was in Costco buying an elliptical machine. (These machines are a great way to stay in shape without hard impact on your knees, hips and back.) This 26 year old guy helped us load the machine into the back of our car. I couldn’t help but notice he had a certain sparkle in his eyes and was full of energy. He was so very helpful and friendly I just had to give him a little extra reward so I gave him my financial book The Next Step to Waking up the Financial Genius Inside You.

A couple days later he’d tracked me down via the internet thanking me profusely in an email. He wanted to tell me what a huge impact the book had already made even though he’d only read a few chapters. The very day I gave him the book he went to his bank and took care of some financial things he’d been putting off and he said because of the book he had reignited his life goals and was super inspired to really accomplish what he’d set out to do before but had let things slip.

Well, I couldn’t let his enthusiastic response end there, so I wrote back and invited him up to the house to talk. That day, before he got to the house, I couldn’t help but think of how a couple books I’d read had also hit me like a ton of bricks and changed my life forever. Now my book was making a difference in this young man’s life! Not that this was the only email and success story I’ve heard from those who’ve read my books but I don’t often get to meet them.

We had a great chat. This young man talked about how he has set news goals and renewed old goals and was already acting on them. Not just financial goals either but some very wonderful life and living goals. I could tell that he really got the message that money should be a means to a greater end not the end itself. As I have said many times “with the right formula, combined with drive and determination most anyone can make millions of dollars, especially if you are motivated by a higher and greater cause.”

As he left I just had to give him a copy of How to Ignite Your Passion for Living. The “passion book” gives you specifics about the best way to set goals with a specific formula that helps you stick to those goals until they are fulfilled.

My great reward–and it truly is a great reward–is seeing people light up and take the necessary action to go out and do what they need to reach their dreams! Whether it’s the huge success story of guys like Dell Loy Hansen–who read my book in college and made a half a billion dollar fortune (his story is in the beginning of the Financial Genius book) or if it’s the beginning success of a young struggling couple that were able to buy their first home along with two small rental duplexes, all these stories warm my heart and help me feel fulfilled, motivating me to keep on “paying if forward”.

Be the Leader of Your Brain

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 Last week I talked a bit about how you think about death, how it can affect your health and how you live now. Your brain is a very powerful organ, operating beyond your conscious thoughts. You can use its vast abilities to feel better as well as live better.

In the book “Super Brain” Deepak Chopra and his co-author Rudolph Tanzi write that you need to train your brain to do what you want it to do. “The minute you say “My memory isn’t what it used to be.” or “I can’t remember a thing today.” You are programing your brain to “live up to your diminished expectations.”

The authors go on to say “The 1st rule of Super Brain is that your brain is always eavesdropping on your thoughts.” So the lesson here is we all need to be very aware of our thoughts. We need to monitor them and then move them to the where we want them to go so our brains operate on healthy and positive ideas.

Lately I have been saying to myself “I’m starting to feel younger and healthier by the day—frickin’ A!” and I am actually beginning to believe it! My brain is overhearing these thoughts and operating based on them.

Our wise authors also say “You are not your brain.” When you are acting as the leader of your brain you can actively reprogram your own neurochemistry and even genetic activity, no longer indentured to mood disorders. So the huge key here is:

Be aware of your thoughts and direct them the way you want!

Death is Part of Life

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 I got a very shocking and sobering email from the wife of a very dear friend a few days ago, a good friend, who is a doctor and in excellent health. His urine had turned very dark and his skin was jaundiced. At the hospital he found out he had a tumor in his bile duct that leads out of the pancreas. Not good! A few days ago he had a very complicated 9 hour surgery in which they took out part of his pancreas, stomach, duodenum and the gall bladder. It was shocking to hear this since my good friend kept himself in great shape. He has, from all his friends and family, wonderful support and encouragement. We know he’s a tough guy and are hoping and praying he’ll be ok.

Quite naturally this got me thinking about my own health and that inevitable end of the road for myself and yes, every one of you who are reading this blog. “Ouch,” you may say. “I don’t want to think about that.” But we all do—and we should—only there is a good way and a bad way to think about death. One way helps you and the other hurts you.

In the book “Super Brain” Deepak Chopra and his co-author Rudolph Tanzi write “If you are afraid of death, it is bad for your body– not because death looms so darkly but because the fear of anything is toxic.” They go on to say “Some cultures, such as Tibetan Buddhism, offer extensive preparation for death and a highly detailed theology of various heavens and hells.” Which they use to help people face and accept their own death.  The authors say the path to making peace with death might look something like this:

1. “I don’t think about death. It’s pointless.”
2. “The main thing is to live your life right this minute.”
3. “Anyway, I secretly don’t believe I will grow old and die.”
4. “To be honest, I don’t think about dying because it’s too scary.”
5. “I’ve seen death of a friend, family member, or pet. I know I have to face it someday.”
6. “I am beginning to feel calmer about the whole issue. I can look at death without running away.”
7. “Dying happens to everyone. It’s better to approach it calmly with eyes open.”
8. “I’ve felt the first serious twinges of mortality. It’s time to face it.”
9. “I find I am actually interested in what death is all about.”
10. “It’s possible to embrace dying as a natural stage of life–and I have.”

As you the read through these stages of thinking about death, try to think back to when you were young (assuming that you are no longer in that category) and notice how close these 10 stages may come to your own thinking back then and now. Have your thoughts changed dramatically?

The bottom line is you don’t need to fear death. It will come so fearing it is rather pointless. Instead, focus on the now, on what you are doing every moment of your life, filling it with purposeful, gratifying thoughts and activities. Living a good life makes fearing death unnecessary.

Next week, we’ll talk a little more about what Deepak and Rudolph have to say about keeping your mind young so you can get the most out of every moment of your life.


A Great Means To a Great End

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A few days ago I was at Wal-Mart when a very pregnant lady followed by a little girl kind of cut me off with her shopping cart. She apologized and I said “Hey there’s a little girl following you and it looks like another kid is right in front of you”, speaking of her unborn child. This made her laugh.

As I checked out, this same lady with her daughter and husband ended up in line right behind me.
I overheard the husband and wife quietly discussing that they couldn’t afford to buy a pair of gloves that they needed and this on a very, very cold day. So as they talked I casually moved the little bar that separated their purchases from mine, putting about $50 or $60 dollars worth of items on my side.

A moment later, as the casher scanned the items, the mother looked up and said “Wait a minute. That’s our stuff that she’s scanning!”  I said” I know it is and I am going to pay for it.”  She then had a very puzzled look on her face.  I quickly added “It’s ok. It’s just a random act of kindness and I really want to do it.”

After gathering herself for a moment, the mother said in a very emotional voice “Nobody has EVER done something like this for me.” and then began to tear up and so did I.

The clerk had overheard it all and said “That was so very, very nice.” I replied “Thank you but in a way it’s a bit selfish since it make me feel wonderful and I’ll feel that for a very long time!”  My impulse actually had more to do with me thinking that they really needed help but the wonderful feeling I got was great extra benefit.

I’m sure you have had similar feelings as you go out of your way to help others. My hope is that we will all step up and do it more and more. $50 worth of goods may not seem like much in the big scheme of things but it doesn’t really matter how much you impact others, just that you do. It will be something they aren’t likely to forget and will forever give them a warm, grateful memory. Knowing that just adds to that wonderful feeling you’ll get to carry around with you as well.

One of the reason’s I decided to make a fortune was that I figured the more financially successful I was the more I could give to others. Money and wealth should be a means to a much greater end–that of giving back. Paying it Forward.  By helping others everybody is a winner and that is the way the world should and could work if we all do our part.  Let’s all go out and do it!

P.S. I’ll have more in later blogs on clues, formulas and methods to making millions and helping others as you go.