Mark O. Haroldsen Appearances at Costco in Utah

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Costco has asked me to come back to do some more book signings for my new book, How To Ignite Your Passion For Living.

Please tell your friends and family to come on down to one of the Costco stores and check out my new book. I will even give their kids a brand new 2 dollar bill for their efforts. The parents will get a new audio on CD that I just did called 4 Sure-Fire Steps to Personal Wealth. And they don’t even have to buy my book—of course I will feel bad if they don’t, but I’ll get over it.

Here’s the schedule and locations…I’ll be coming to a COSTCO near you….

Friday, February 27th

1:00-5:00pm Costco

648 East 800 South ~ Orem

Saturday, February 28th

1:00-5:00pm Costco

573 West 100 North ~ Bountiful

Sunday, March 1st

1:00-5:00pm Costco

11100 South Auto Mall Drive ~ Sandy

Thursday, March 5th

1:00-5:00pm Costco

5201 South Intermountain Drive ~ Murray

Friday, March 6th

1:00-5:00pm Costco

1818 South 300 West ~ Salt Lake City

Saturday, March 7th

1:00-5:00pm Costco

3656 Wall Ave ~ Ogden

Sunday, March 8th

1:00-5:00pm Costco

3747 South 2700 West ~ West Valley City

It should be lots of fun and I hope to see YOU there also, and of course, the 2 dollar bill for the kids and the free CD applies to you, too. Bring the famiy—heavens, bring everybody!!!!!

Mark O. Haroldsen

PS. I have had some absolutely fantastic stories from people who read this new book who claim that it has given them a whole new perspective and lease on life–wow, that makes me feel so very good, and maybe I should be giving the book for free to everyone!!


Mark O. Haroldsen – More of My Heroes

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There are friends and people I have met or who I want to meet who have made a lasting impression on me. In this post, I want to go over some of the heroes I know or want to meet. I’ve already written about two – Stein Erickson and Oprah Winfrey.

Here are some of my other heroes:
Roy Emerson
Roy is a super famous tennis champion who despite all his fame is incredibly warm, genuine, and giving. The world’s perception of famous people is usually wrong. We think of the famous as snots who are in rehab because that’s what is in the news. But in my experience, that’s not the case. Most of the time they are like Roy. Most of the time you can meet your heroes.

Paul J. Meyer
I talk about Paul in my book. He’s a half billionaire who was recently in the Dominican Republic getting treatment to repair his heart muscles. He’s sought treatment there because the country allows stem cell research and blood work. He hopes to regenerate his heart and get some extra years of life.

Paul is 80 years old. We’ve been life-long friends. He’s a very smart guy who I’ve known for 25 years. He’s a great salesman who started the SMI Institute. He was the first person to put motivational information on records and then on cassette tapes. He’s so organized that he can get so much done and is a workaholic!

Unknown to me, Paul told me he followed me for years. Then one day he wrote to me after reading my first book. Because of this book, he and his friends started to buy property. It has been a great friendship and he has stopped in Salt Lake City to visit.

Nando Parrado
I talk about Nando in my book and how he survived the near impossible. While stranded for 72 days due to a plane crash, many people cannibalized. Searchers had given up finding anyone. Nando hiked up a freezing mountain to escape. I talked about him in my post about finding mentors. He’s one of my heroes and I hope to meet him.

Who are your heros and why? Please leave your response as a comment below.

The Happiness you Get from Reading

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Another focus I have this year is reading or re-reading good books. Paul J. Meyer says to take the 100 best books and read them over and over again. We tend to forget most of the best of what we read.

Reading has a huge positive affect on us. The contentment factor is much higher from reading than it is from watching tv. Studies have shown that even kids get more happiness from doing homework than from tv (though they’d probably never admit it).

I’m re-reading The Power of Now and Eat to Live (for the 5th time). Also a book about tennis techniques. Another one is You, The Owner’s Manual. I’m constantly reading and re-reading great books.

What books do you plan to re-read this year?

Looking Ahead in 2009 – Life Goals

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My focus for the new year is my health and diet. Thanks to my daughter I’ve enrolled in a yoga class. There is everyone from a 7 year old to a 70 year old. As you age you lose your flexibility, you can’t move as easily. You must counter-attack this by pushing yourself, and by stretching. Another thing is by being in a group you introduce competition, which can push you to try harder and to not give up.

I’m eating more fruits and vegetables and natural foods now. It’s harder to do that eating out at a restaurant. So I try to stay home and eat where it’s easier to control. When I do eat out, I bring my own whole wheat pasta or choose healthier dishes.

Another focus of this year is that I have re-ignited my passion for public speaking. When I recently spoke to a Kiwanis Club group, I remembered how much I like speaking. It went well and I remembered why I like doing it.

I want to be on Oprah to talk about igniting your passion for life. I’ve been on 11 radio stations, and various TV promotions, but that would be the top of the top. Why do I want to meet her? She is a self-made multi billionaire who started from scratch. And she built this without taking advantage of other people. She did it through work.

What about you? What do you want to do in 2009 to live a passionate life?

Coasting Through Life or Living It?

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“Lucky are those who have passion for life. But blessed are those who have passion all their life.”

That’s one of my favorite quotes. My heroes are people who have been leaders. Their personality creates an atmosphere. They set mind stimulating goals rather than take the easy way and think “I’ll just coast.”

One problem is we rarely have good examples of people who live with passion their entire life. In the movies people who are successful and happy reach a certain destination. They reach some pinnacle of success and the movie fades out with them sitting around the pool. If you truly want passion all of your life, you can’t lounge around. You have to start creating it yourself. You must continue to challenge yourself to accomplish goals that are meaningful to you.

Instead we might be tempted to think, is this all there is? Happiness comes from the process of setting and reaching goals. We as humans feel so good when we’re totally involved in something. You’ve felt this when you’ve gotten lost in a novel, playing sports, or at work. You lose yourself, you are living in the now. You’re in the moment. That is living!

Great Ideas Live Forever

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The great books of the world, unlike the great people, never die. Take the book: Think and Grow Rich. The message hasn’t aged at all. It is still spot-on today.

So far, in the month since it was released, my book seems to reach people of all ages. We’re at our home in Hawaii and as I talk about the year and look to the next, I’m seeing whales spouting off our back porch. One of our house guests here told me they gave a copy to their mother who is in her 70s. We also heard about a retired surgeon who is very excited about the book. I’ve also heard from someone in his 30s, who is already quite successful, and how he just loved it.

Right now my book is available on this site free of charge (get your free copy of How to Ignite your Passion for Living). I ask people to pay for multiple copies because they’re not for people to sell on eBay, but to spread ideas. It is my gift to you, in the spirit of giving.

I’d like nothing more for my books to leave a legacy that will continue to reach people who want to live passionately long after I’m gone.