Coasting Through Life or Living It?

February 7, 2009 by  
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“Lucky are those who have passion for life. But blessed are those who have passion all their life.”

That’s one of my favorite quotes. My heroes are people who have been leaders. Their personality creates an atmosphere. They set mind stimulating goals rather than take the easy way and think “I’ll just coast.”

One problem is we rarely have good examples of people who live with passion their entire life. In the movies people who are successful and happy reach a certain destination. They reach some pinnacle of success and the movie fades out with them sitting around the pool. If you truly want passion all of your life, you can’t lounge around. You have to start creating it yourself. You must continue to challenge yourself to accomplish goals that are meaningful to you.

Instead we might be tempted to think, is this all there is? Happiness comes from the process of setting and reaching goals. We as humans feel so good when we’re totally involved in something. You’ve felt this when you’ve gotten lost in a novel, playing sports, or at work. You lose yourself, you are living in the now. You’re in the moment. That is living!