Learning Increases Passion

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When you learn something new or challenge yourself, your brain is stimlulated to release hormones that make you feel good. As Mark talks about in his books this “feel good” brain chemical is prevalent when your young. Then in your 30s it begins to decline. You have to do things to stimulate it. One way is through learning.

The Internet has so many resources that are free – you can learn from the brightest people alive.

Here are two examples:

Academic Earth – has free lectures from the world’s top scholars

Ted – inspired talks from the world’s top thinkers and doers

I also listen to free podcasts and meditations on iTunes. What about you? What do you do to keep learning?

Mark O. Haroldsen Discusses New Book on YouTube

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Here is a video of one of Mark’s news appearances. Notice how passionate he is as he talks about his new book: Ignite Your Passion for Living

Mark O. Haroldsen on Fox 13 Utah

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Mark O. Haroldsen appeared on Fox 13 television station this week (click the link to view now) to talk about Ignite My Life Now – his new book. The interviewers asked him how to avoid getting discouraged over the economy. The first thing he said was “stop listening to the news.” I had to laugh.

You’ll see from the video that you really need to read his book – not just watch his appearance! And thanks for plugging the web site where anyone can get a free copy.

Of course Mark talks about goals and his BRAM formula which is to look over the – Benefits, Reasons and Motivations for a goal. Write down the benefits of your goal and the reasons you have it. Read those notes again when you’re weak and it helps you keep your focus. Debuts – Inteviews Passionate Entrepreneurs

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Have you heard of ObsessedTV? It’s a show that interviews entrepreneurs to talk about their passion. It’s an online-only talk show. Rather than showing people fighting, it’s about happy people doing what they love.

“We want to create a destination that takes a deeper look into personalities that we know will make the audience and advertisers both very happy.”
—Gary Vaynerchuk, host — along with Samantha Ettus

The first one (it’s geared towards women) features renowned floral designer Preston Bailey.

I had a chance to do a quick impromptu interview with Ettus.

Why is it important to get story behind the entrepreneur?

Because if we could use anything in these difficult times, it is a dose of pure passion. All entrepreneurs have it in spades. For people who have their own businesses or those that have entertained dreams of starting them, there is nothing more motivating than hearing the stories of successful entrepreneurs.

Will my Mom want to see this show? She’s 50 and loves Oprah.

Definitely! This show is geared towards those people that love to hear the story behind the person. If you like to know what motivates people, what their personal lives are like, their professional paths and their personalities, then this show will become your favorite source of entertainment.

Putting your show on the web as opposed to television is a no-brainer, but are you worried that the “Oprah audience” is mainly still attached to their set top boxes?

We believe the Oprah audience is ready to take their passion for people online. But they are also representative of the kinds of people we are aiming at attracting. Those that love people and their stories. Most of our guests appear on talk shows every day giving expert advice but rarely are they asked about their paths to success and their personal stories. There hasn’t been an episode yet in which a guest hasn’t exclaimed, “I’ve never shared that before.”

The possibilities are endless on the web. What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned so far?

The web makes it so that we are no longer constrained to three minute segments like TV talk shows and that has made these interviews far more compelling than any other medium can offer. Of course, I am constantly in awe of how much more there is to learn – it is exactly as you describe – endless – and changing at a jaw dropping clip.

Will you use social media tools on Obsessed, and how will you build the community?

We are going to get in the trenches – Our attachment to our community will be very different than any other show out there because I will be interacting with our audience on a daily basis through Twitter, Facebook, and Ustream. This will enable us to be in touch with our viewers likes and dislikes and respond rapidly to give our community the best show possible.

Check out ObsessedTV and tell me what you think in the comments!

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