Turning Your Dreams into Reality

August 11, 2008 by  
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It’s been said,

“Lucky are those who have passion for life,
but blessed are those who have passion ALL their life.”

I don’t know about you, but for me one of the primary keys or secrets to keeping young, in nearly every way, is to flood my life with passion. That comes from,

  • pursuing what I want out of life,
  • really going after my dreams with full force,
  • and pursuing my priorities, and doing those things that I love to do with all the energy I can muster.

I set very specific, tough goals for myself and I go after those goals like my life depends on it—because, you know what, I believe it really does. You see, I loathe the idea of living a life of insignificance—it’s like wasting the most precious resource in the entire world—a human life—my life! If you don’t feel the same way, then ask yourself, “Why don’t I have passion for life?” Or “Why don’t I know what I want in life?” Those two questions are particularly bothersome if you once had great passion for something you were doing in your life and then you lost it somewhere along the way. Far too many people give up on life.