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In this chaotic world we live in, it’s good to remind ourselves about the importance of keeping our inner chatter positive rather than negative. I’ve talked a lot in the past about our inner voice and how it can really affect our attitude and our success in life, so this is not a new subject for my longtime readers, and maybe not even for some new readers. The question is, however, if you’ve heard about this before, what have you actually done about it? Have you tried to improve your inner voice’s attitude?

As I’ve said before, knowing something is not useful until you actually do something with the knowledge. Years ago, I really got into programming my brain with lots of positive thoughts and affirmations, but then I had this period of 10 or maybe even 20 years where I didn’t do that because I was doing pretty good. It’s not that I didn’t believe in positive self-talk anymore, and I didn’t lose that knowledge, but I did fall out of practice with it, and that made all the difference.

For example, you can’t say you’re a great tennis player no matter how well you know the sport, unless you’re actually out there practicing and playing! Years ago, when I was playing in one of the Huntsman Senior tennis tournaments, I lost in the final round because I had sabotaged myself with lots of negative self-talk. That’s when I really started to think seriously about how much I let my thoughts turn pessimistic, causing me to worry and piling on self-induced stress. I knew it was not helpful. I even knew how to combat it. I had just stopped putting my knowledge into practice.

The great news is that once you get the hang of monitoring your inner voice and you practice enough positive self-talk, you can use that positive reinforcement to change and improve just about any part of your life including losing weight, overcoming addiction, and making more money. When you do, you can stop worrying about the many things that add unnecessary stress to your life and actually live! Try it and I promise you that it will work, especially if you keep practicing.

So, here’s how you put this knowledge to work for you. First, start observing what that inner chatter is saying and, secondly, feed yourself lots of positive thoughts and affirmations, especially when you observe your self-talk going the wrong way. It’s not hard, it just takes turning your knowledge into action and practicing!


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