My Treasure of Quotes, Part 1

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Last week I talked about how I get so much out of the books I read because of the way I take and record notes and quotes. Here are a few of the quotes and the page numbers, which I logged onto my summary sheets from a couple of the best books I’ve read lately in recent years.

From Robert Lustig MD’s great book Fat Chance:

P. xiii Sugar is killing us.

P. 137 High fiber appears to limit total food intake.

P. 119 Orange juice is worse than sugar soda.

P. 125 Alcohol increases fat around the liver.

P. 140 Exercise works at so many levels (mainly improved health) except your weight.

P. 145 Diet is about weight and exercise is about inches and health.

P. 148 Consistency in exercise is the key.

P. 207 Eat real food.

P. 214 Don’t eat anything 4 hours before bedtime.

P. 186 Vegetables give you fiber and micro nutrients.

P. 154 Resveratrol is very good for you–keeps inflammation down.

P. 144 Protein does not stimulate insulin or hunger.


And from the excellent book called Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

P. 2 Ask yourself if you’re happy and you will cease to be so.

P. 2 Happiness… gained by being fully involved with every detail of our lives–good and bad.

It’s the unintended side effects of one’s dedication to a course greater than oneself.

P. 3 The best moments usually occur when a person’s body or mind is stretch to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult or worthwhile.

P. 6 Flow will happen by examining the process of achieving happiness through control of one’s inner life.

P. 6 Investing in consciously chosen goals creates a more complex being –by stretching skills, by reaching toward higher challenges.

P. 10 Regardless of your material conditions you can improve the quality and happiness of your life.

P. 18 A person who can’t override their genetic instructions when necessary is always vulnerable. Instead of deciding how to act in terms of personal goals, they have surrendered to the things that their bodies have been programed for.

p. 24 A person can make himself happy, or miserable regardless of what is actually happening “outside” by just changing the contents of consciousness.

P. 31 The mark of a person who is in control of consciousness is the ability to focus attention at will–to be oblivious to distractions, to concentrate for as long as it takes to achieve a goal and not longer.


Did you feel a little overwhelmed by all the nuggets of wisdom in these two short lists? Pick out two that really struck you and ask yourself what it means to you. This is what you will get from reading and making note of the important items in important books like these. As you can see with the book Flow, I was only able to list here what I pulled from it through page 31. There are so many other great quotes and ideas in there that can be tremendously helpful. You should go out and buy the book.  Then when I cover some more quotes from this book and others next week, you can compare your list to mine.



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