Being a Responsible Influence

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Recently I ran into an old tennis friend and eye doctor, Dr. Steve T. Jackson. After we caught up a bit, Steve stopped to thank me for giving him a copy of my book, “How to Ignite Your Passion for Living”. He mentioned that he had loaned it out and was having a hard time getting it back. It was a book that really influenced him and he knew it was helping those he shared it with.

The encounter with Dr. Jackson was not that unusual. One of the most rewarding things about having written the book has been having people stop to tell me how helpful it has been for them. But this chance meeting with the doctor was a little more than confirmation that the book was truly helping others. It also affirmed for me the idea and goal I’ve been talking about in the last couple of posts.

Steve said it was the chapter on goal setting that really got him thinking about getting back in touch with the people that influenced him. Like me, he set a goal to organize a gathering of all the great people he’d meet over the years. Dr. Jackson, life myself, had realized just how important the influence of others are in our life and what we do with it.

He thanked me profusely for reminding him of this point, one that I hadn’t even realized was there. But that, in the end, is the point. We influence people in ways we don’t even expect and the people that influence us don’t always realize the impact they’ve had. That goes for the negative influences as well as the positives. So whatever you do, aim to promote the admirable qualities and the motivation to succeed in others.

I hope all who read and are motivated by “How to Ignite Your Passion for Living”, pay it forward by motivating and energizing the people around them. What a fantastic world this would be if we all did that. And what huge gathers Steve and I would have to put together!

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Surround Yourself with the Right Kind of People

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Just a few weeks ago I attended the “life celebration” of my dear friend Joe Land. At this gathering I was reunited with many wonderful and influential people including some of the people that went on speaking tours with Joe and I. Guys like Hal Morris, John Childers and Steve Thomas—hard working men of integrity and wisdom. I had not been very good at keeping in contact with these amazing people over the past few years but I was so grateful to have the chance to spend time with them again. It made me realize how much richer my life was because of them and could continue to be if I just kept in touch with these good, honest, and inspiring people.

That day, I decided to recommit myself to keeping connected with these people, the kind of people that motivate me with their ideas and their own ‘Passion for Living’. No matter where you are in life, you need to have the type of people around you that support what you want and what you do with their words, actions, and energy. But too often, our busy lives distract us and we drift away and lose contact with these precious friendships and business partnerships. We need to realize just how valuable these relationships are in our lives and hold onto them now before we lose them, maybe forever.

Who are the people in your life that inspire and energize you? Who are the people that drain you and hold you back? You only have so much time in a day, a week, a year … in your lifetime. So choose to spend it with the right kind of people and cultivate relationships with those you admire and know you can learn from. Let go of the people that bring you down or hinder your efforts. Commit to living your life with passion and surround yourself with those who can help you do it.