What You Believe is All That Matters

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Over the last few decades the amount of information we are exposed to daily has increased drastically. But for all the abundance, we still don’t get a clear picture of what is going on in the world. Most of the news we hear is highly negative, overly dramatic, and inspires fear. So it doesn’t surprise me that so many people are afraid to take a risk and go after their big dreams. However, right now is exactly the time–yes, in the middle of this recession–when you need to jump in with both feet. You just need to believe in yourself. If you have that, all else will follow.

I started investing in real estate in 1972, in the middle of the worse recession in the US since the great depression. Fortunately, I didn’t know that and even if I did, it probably wouldn’t have made a difference because I really believed that I could succeed. And sure enough, not only did I not lose my shirt, I became a millionaire. That recession didn’t stop me and this one shouldn’t stop you. Not believing in yourself and taking immediate action is the only thing that is guaranteed to kill your dreams.

Remember, all you need to worry about is your life, what you need, what you want, and know that if you keep working at it, you will get what you are after. If your dreams are that important to you, you will want them bad enough to do whatever it takes. And no fear filled news story will get in your way.

So turn off the TV, stop reading those dramatic headlines, and unsubscribe from all those pessimistic reports. Instead, read up on all the great success stories you can find on-line, in responsible and inspiring periodicals, and among the many stories in my book, How to Ignite Your Passion for Living. The most amazing stories of success are most often accomplished by ordinary people who simply have an extraordinarily strong belief in themselves and what they want. And there is no reason why you can’t be one of them.

Riding the Goal Setting High

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So, did you go ahead and get a new goal written down this past week? Did you notice that after you wrote it out and had your plan in place, you had increased energy and enthusiasm? That feeling is an actual adrenaline high, a rush you get from seeing all the potential and knowing what you want is reachable. And it can be an addictive. For some, this results in continuously setting new goals and making new plans but not necessarily completing the previous ones. If you really enjoy that goal setting high (I know I do!) you can get that on a regular basis with the same goal and use it to keep you motivated and energized every step of the way.

First, break up your bigger, long-term goals into bite-sized pieces then plan them only one or two at a time. Planning–being able to visual how you will reach your next mini-goal–is what brings on the excitement.

Secondly, bounce ideas about your plans off someone else, someone who is supportive and maybe even a little challenging or has goals of their own to share. These conversations can bring up all kinds of new ideas and possibilities that you might not have thought up on your own. It also forces you to be clear about your goals and plans and draw very concrete pictures. And the clearer you can see what you will do and what it will accomplish, the more sustained enthusiasm you will have.

And lastly, whenever you feel your enthusiasm waver, sit down and write out what you are doing, where you are at, and what you plan to do next to reach your goal. This will re-immerse you in your planning, give you a clear idea of how far you’ve come, and how easy the next steps will be. And you’ll find yourself excited all over again.

Chapter 3 of my book, “How to Ignite Your Passion for Living” speaks to the magic of goal setting and the adrenaline rush it creates. Take a look and see if just reading about this simple but fantastic technique doesn’t get you excited and maybe even a little addicted to the goal setting high.

To inspire you, I have put together a collection of my videos and interviews on YouTube. Just go to:

Build Your Passion for Life Through Constant Challenges

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These past few weeks have been extremely busy for me. Besides working on and traveling for interviews, TV spots, and other promotions for my book, my wife Kimberly and I have been building a new home. We are at the point where we are moving in but are still in the middle of completing most of the rooms which makes life in general rather chaotic, to say the least.

There is nothing I’ve done in real estate that has been quite like the experience we’re having in building our own place. It’s both thrilling and stressful, the process is intriguing, and nearly every day presents a new, often minor, but still necessary challenge to deal with. I am very grateful that my wife has been steering most of the decision making—her great taste is turning the house into a true masterpiece—but it is still a stress and a challenge for both of us.

Now, we could be letting ourselves get exceedingly frustrated and have that color our overall experience. We could also just step back and let the contractors make all the decisions and end up with something livable but not uniquely us. We could have given into easy and quick methods and had this done already. But this place will be a sanctuary for us and a place to gather and build memories with family and friends. So, even though giving this our hands on attention has been time consuming and trying, it is another great challenge and an energizing experience that we know continues to feed our passion for life.

As I talk about in my book, How to Ignite Your Passion for Living, keeping your passion for life strong means constantly challenging yourself. This should be applied to all areas of your life. Whether you’re changing your financial situation, simply trying to improve your cooking skills, or building a home, put the greatest effort into your goal to get the most you can out of it and to grow your passion for everything you do.

Treasure Your Loved Ones

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This past month my wife had a big milestone birthday so I threw a huge party for her complete with a lavish spread, entertainment, and friends from all over. It was such a joy to see her surprise and delight at walking in on such an affair. But it still seemed like such a small thing considering how much she has done for me. Not only has she stayed by my side all these years but she has been my primary support in all the many endeavors I’ve gotten into, she’s kept me in line when if I’ve gotten a little out of hand, and, most importantly, she believes in me and the life we share.

I am not sure how much I would have accomplished without her. I certainly would not have enjoyed all I’ve done nearly so much, nor pushed myself quite as hard, as I have with her by my side. But we have all seen too many remarkable people jeopardize the very relationships that give their accomplishments that greater, personal significance and satisfaction. Consider carefully who you want to have by your side when you reach your goals. Would it be your spouse who has seen you through the hard times and truly knows how important what you have done is to you, or a stranger who came around just as you were reaching your pinnacle of success?

I simply want to say that no matter what you do, no matter how hard you have to work, or how your life changes as you progress towards your goals, do not ignore or forget the people that have stood by you. Do not work so much that you don’t have time to spend with your spouse and kids or that you forget to share all your little successes with the people most important to you. Reaching a long sought after goal is a tremendous feeling, but ultimately it is an empty accomplishment if you don’t have the people you love close to you when you reach it.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to add to your B-RAM list how your goals will improve the lives or support the dreams of the people you care about and how you will feel when they see what you have accomplished. (See Chapter 7 in my book, How to Ignite Your Passion for Living on how to develop great B-RAM lists) And always treasure the ones you love.