The CRON Diet: The Fountain of Youth

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Alright, last week I promised to share with you the diet that I truly believe (and there are lab results to support this as well) will greatly extend your life as well as help you live better. Is this all going to come from a change in what you eat? Yes, believe it or not, it certainly is.

The diet I’m talking about is known as the CRON diet (Calorie restricted, optimum nutrition).  The ideas is that you will keep your caloric intake down enough to keep lean while still giving your body all the supportive, energizing nutrition it needs to stay healthy.

Studies involving this particular diet showed significant increases in longevity and health in laboratory mice. Not only that, I can attest to the fact that ever since I’ve changed my eating habits to follow the CRON guidelines, I’ve had more energy, more ease of movement, and I just look better. All this adds up to a much younger attitude and feeling. And who wouldn’t want that?

This diet is not as difficult as the name might make it out to be. You don’t go hungry and you aren’t forever cut off from your favorite foods. You just make better regular choices and watch your portions. Here are the basic guidelines:
•    Focus on eating low calorie, high nutrient foods such as vegetables and fruits.
•    Just a couple small servings of protein in the form of fish, lean meat, nuts, beans, soy, and egg whites are enough.
•    Greatly reduce the consumption of processed foods and sugary drinks. These foods have had the nutrients processed out of them and usually have a lot of sugars and fats added back—the characteristic “empty calorie” which does nothing but add to your waistline.
•    Cut back on high calorie, minimally nutritious fats except omega 3 fatty acids found in fish and flaxseed.
•    Cut back on starches, eating whole grains and smaller portions.
•    Eat 4-6 small, balanced meals throughout the day rather then a couple large ones.
•    Learn to eat well before you try to lose weight. Once you are eating more nutritious, lower calorie foods, you can start cutting back on total calories to reach your optimum weight. Lose slowly, at a rate of 1%-2% of your present weight a month. This gives your body time to adjust which is easier on you and makes it more likely that the weight will stay off.

Now, that’s not a very scary diet, is it? No special foods or meal preparations are needed. Just your determination to be good to yourself. Go ahead and discuss this diet with your doctor. Find out what a good, lean target weight is for you and then go out and get one of the books on this diet and educate yourself.

Look over the CR (Calorie Restriction) Society website ( to get a list of the best books on this subject. Then take the 42 day challenge as described in my book, How to Ignite Your Passion for Living. In just six weeks you can be feeling younger than you have in years.


One Response to “The CRON Diet: The Fountain of Youth”

  1. Paul Roy on June 4th, 2019 3:11 pm

    Thanks for sharing! This and so much more.

    I stumbled across your Blog and found this article and so many more. GREAT insight to living a fulfilling life.

    I am living proof this way to live and eat works. In 2012 I weighed 275lbs (6’2″) and after making the shift to this type of life style by 2015 I weighed 190 and have maintained that weight until this day, I hope others take interest in your blog. My wife and I are new fans. God Bless and continued success Mr. Haroldsen.

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