Meeting a Champion – Jimmy Shea at Mark O. Haroldsen’s Book Signing

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jimmy-shea-at-book-signingThis is a picture with me and Jimmy Shea, Jr. He came to one of my book signings at Costco. Jimmy is an Olympic champion with quite a story.

As Jimmy describes his life and how reaching his goals and overcoming blocks to becoming a champion:

“As a youth growing up in Lake Placid, NY, Jim’s involvement in sports helped him overcome the doubt he experienced due to his battle with Dyslexia. Having a severe learning disorder taught Jim the importance of perseverance and hard work. A lesson emphasized by his father and grandfather, both Winter Olympic Athletes.”

When Jim competed in the 2002 Winter Olympics (in the Men’s Skeleton), he became the only American to have the distinction of being a third generation Olympian. In 1932 his Grandfather, speed skater Jack Shea, became the first American to win two Winter Olympic Gold medals. In 1964 Jim’s father, Jim Shea, Sr. competed in the Nordic Combined at the Innsbruck Winter Olympics.

Jimmy also believes in giving back. He founded the Shea Family Foundation to help young Olympians in the sports he and his family have competed in for generations.

It’s great meeting people like Jimmy at book signings – thanks for coming!

– Mark O. Haroldsen

Mark O. Haroldsen’s Birthday Bash

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Mark recently turned 65 and his wife Kimberly threw a huge party for him. You’ll see from the video how many people came to celebrate the day with him.

When everyone arrived, they saw this sign in front of Mark’s house:


As his manager and friend Mike Hansen says, “Mark never lets go of people.” You could definitely see that at his birthday party. The house was filled with friends – some from over 30 years ago. Richard and Ed flew in to celebrate – and we’ll post an interview with them shortly.

On page 90 of Mark’s book: How to Ignite your Passion for Living he talks about making checklists to plan social events (or anything else you’re doing). One of the things he has on the list is for the best caterers in town. I think he got that one – the food was healthy (most of it), there was more than plenty (and drinks to go around) and it was amazing!

Here’s a video taken at the party: