Paying it Forward

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I don’t think there is a greater feeling than to know you have truly helped and lifted the life of another human being.

I think you probably know the great feeling you get when someone sincerely and enthusiastically thanks you for something you may have said or done to help them out of a terrible jam or given them great hope or motivation.

I can only imagine how it must feel to literally save a human life! I’ve never done that, but I have experienced the rush from boosting someone’s passion for living.

I sincerely think this book will help your life – – – and I hope it will ignite, or reignite, your passion for living. If I’m right and it does do that for you, please, please, please pass it on – – pay it forward to all those people around you. It may save their lives, figuratively – and maybe even literally.

If you want to help in a big way, and in big numbers, I have made this much easier for you. I will make this book available for the very low cost of only $4.00 each if you buy 100 copies. In fact, even if you buy just 20 copies, I will still provide them for just $4.00 each. If you want to buy only four copies, I would reduce the price to $8.00 each (the regular price for softback is $14.95—the regular price for hardback $21.95—or $8.00 if you buy 20 or more).

If you don’t have a hundred loved ones and friends, then I would strongly suggest that you give this book to strangers. (I have found just as much of a thrill giving to total strangers – – okay, some of them think I’m nuts, and maybe I am, but it sure feels good for a long time to be giving back and trying to make a difference when it seems like everyone just wants to take).

Try for big time giving with big numbers, and I think you’ll be surprised at how much true joy and deep satisfaction it brings you. As you probably know that great “feel good high” you get from giving is from the brain chemical called serotonin. The receiver gets a big boost in their serotonin levels but so do you. Try it—I am sure you’ll like it!


Mark O. Haroldsen

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