Our Nation’s Opportunity

November 16, 2012 by  
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I think most of us are all thrilled that the election is over. So much talk and spinning and of course the endless political ads can drive a person crazy. Not to mention those all too often mean-spirited personal attacks on Obama and Romney. So of course, there will be some skewed views about our President that will persist for a while if not until the end of his term but that kind of focus won’t do our nation any good.

What can we do to put the bad taste of the election behind us and move towards a positive future? To start with, we all need keep focused on what needs to be done. I would like it if you would click on this link and read this very interesting, and I think very accurate, article on the outcome and who we really elected as president.

The problem with most of the hostile messages I read was that they were long on sweeping generalizations and very short on specific facts.  I know there is a grand hope that is shared by the majority of Americans–that now with the election over, perhaps the two sides will act like adults and do what politics is all about. That being an opportunity to come to a compromise so that we can keep our slow recovery on track.

Our leaders need to realize they represent ALL OF US whether we voted for them or not, whether we are Democratic, Republican Independent or undeclared. This is not about competition. It’s about our country.

I hope you get something out of the attached editorial and maybe even share it with friends whether they were for or Obama or  not.