Show Them the Love

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Wow, Valentine’s Day is here again! This is a day when we should realize just how important LOVE is – love for others and love for ourselves! I am so very fortunate and grateful for my wonderful wife and loving family and friends, especially in these COVID times. Even though I can’t give them all big hugs, that can’t stop me from loving them and having that great love come right back to me.

Love is such a super wonderful thing and, maybe, the most important thing in the entire world. As David Hawkins says in his great book, Letting Go, “Most people are preoccupied with survival in all its subtle forms, and so they reflect primarily fear, anger, and a desire for gain. They have not learned that the state of lovingness is the most powerful of all survival tools.” He goes on to say, “Love stimulates endorphins and life energy, bringing a healing balm to stress-prone lives.”

I have such a great and loving wife; I don’t think I could love her more than I do. The same goes for my kids and grandkids. In times like these I think about the opposite of love – hate – and how much damage hate does to our world compared to what love does for the world.

What a great day Valentine’s day can and should be is us showing and giving our love to our family and friends. We all need to think deeply about those around us, those that do so much for us, and show and give them all the love that we can. Even just saying those words “I love you so very much,” and “Thank you for loving me and giving me so much that lifts my life,” can mean so much.

We all must try so hard and so often to send those words and those feelings on to others, not just today, but every day. We owe so much to these people that it really should be automatic that we take time to let them know.

So, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to you and please pass on the love and share it with everyone that you know and care about.

Gold Medal Gratitude

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I believe that gratitude for the contribution of others in our lives, our acknowledgment of their support, and giving credit for their part in our successes and triumphs keeps one more humble, open, and more connected to “those who brought you to the dance.”

Mark O. HaroldsenI also believe the expression and attitude of gratitude also serves as a slingshot for greater triumph and personal satisfaction.

This is my own gold medal experience with gratitude and giving credit. I would not have had a certain personal triumph without a bunch of support, inspiration, and help mainly from three great people.

I had a goal to reach the top of the tennis rankings in my state of Utah. I certainly worked at it. But I had a problem in the way of my goal. I was hardly able to run, bend, or walk more than 200 yards without stopping because of the pain in my two arthritic hips. (See Movement Is a Must in Chapter 10, “An Umbrella Goal for LIFE” of my new book: How to IGNITE Your Passion for Living, 2008)

So how did I win the gold medal in the Men’s 60-65 Singles Tennis Tournament at last year’s Huntsman World Senior Games?

First, a ton of credit goes to Paul J. Meyer ( who taught me by word and example to never stop setting and going after goals—he preached over and over to me to do this all my life—no matter what.

He also showed me the power of spaced repetition. What did that mean for me? It meant that I hit thousands and thousands of tennis balls warring out two ball machines in the process.

Second, I owe a huge amount of credit to the one-time most winning tennis player in the history of the game—the incomparable Australian Roy Emerson. He conducted a phenomenal one-week tennis camp high in the mountains of Switzerland that consisted of many long hours of teaching techniques, strategies, and drills that nearly wore my brand new hips to a frazzle. But what great lessons I learned!

Mark O. HaroldsenAnd third … about those new hips—WOW! Without those pieces of chromium cobalt placed so perfectly by a great surgeon with steady hands and many years of experience, the example and coaching of Paul J. Meyer and Roy Emerson would not have won me the gold.

Dr. Harlan Amstutz of the Joint Replacement Institute deserves so much thanks and credit for my tennis success. He gave me my young life back.

I am so grateful!

Now about my goal of being in the top rankings for tennis in my state—as published on February 4, 2008 () I am the NUMBER ONE ranked tennis player in Utah, for my age group.

As you progress through your own life at every stage, whether you’re just starting out or you’re an old fart like me, be sure to fully realize that you owe (gratitude to) so many for helping you along your success path.

None of us, no matter how smart we think we are or even how lucky we may be,  can do it or go it alone. Take time to give credit and gratitude. It truly will amaze you how much joy and energy you will add to your life and everyone around you.