Using a Goal Buddy for Success

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We started a couple months ago talking about things we could do to improve ourselves. Since then we’ve talked about communication, health, will power and more. Each of these posts set up possible goals you might want to have for yourself. So … did you set a goal … or two or ten? Just how are you doing with them?

It is not enough to just set a goal and attempt it. You need to regularly check in and see where you are at with your goal, if you need to adjust your deadlines or other details, and take time to review the reasons for going after these goals allowing you to become recommitted.

Some people can do this on their own or with the help of scheduling software but in either case they feel accountable to themselves and follow up. Many more of us need outside help. If you tell a spouse, family member or friend what you goal is, you will feel more committed because someone besides yourself knows about it. But if you need a little extra push don’t just tell these people what you want to do, ask them to help you. Ask that they remind you of your goal and why you are working towards it and have them kindly inquire how you are progressing so you feel some accountability to them. Having someone as a goal buddy, someone who has set a goal for themselves–the goal can be completely different from yours too– can help keep both of you on track and motivated as you support and cheer each other on.

Regardless, checking in on a regular basis to see how you are doing will help keep you on track. You can celebrate all the small accomplishments you’ve had and figure out how to better accomplish those items you may not have completed as well you hoped to.

Reaching your goal takes continuous vigilance but it’s a wonderful and joyful vigilance. Congratulate yourself on your progress and your continued efforts every step of the way. That alone can give you the boost you need to get each task done and realize your dream.


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