Adding Value to Personal Connections

September 10, 2010 by  
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If you sell merchandise or offer a service you’ve probably heard the “added value” phrase a few times. That term refers to adding something to your product that gives it more value but isn’t necessarily essential to its primary purpose. The hope is that it might sway a consumer into choosing what you are offering over your competitor. Simple concept really. But have you ever applied it to personal connections?

When you meet someone do you try connecting with the standard introduction followed by small talk and then a comment about your business to see if there is any interest? Even if what you do garners interest, that person could meet three other people that night that have the same type of business. What will make you stand out? If you follow the concept of added value, you might find out what the other person does first and offer to assist them in some small way. You might bring the keynote speaker a glass of water after a long talk. Or you can show up early to an event and help your host with their last minute set-up. You’ll be well remembered for your kindness and consideration.

So next time you’re out networking, consider what you can do for others first, not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because you add value to the interaction you have with others. Amongst a group of people all looking for what others can offer them, your personal approach will make a definite impression. We are human beings first, business people second, and we’ll always react stronger to connections that speak to our human side.


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