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The mind is an incredible force. With it we can change how we act or feel or even what we are able to accomplish. Some people believe that they can’t do anything about how they feel or what they think about. But that’s just not true. You are in control of your thoughts and feelings through your mind. It’s all a matter of what you will your mind to do.

My daughter, Kristin, died tragically at the young age of 16. I don’t need to tell you that it was a very difficult time for me and my family. For quite a while afterwards, my thoughts would constantly turn to her and the pain I felt at her loss. I couldn’t find joy in my life anymore and it took all my energy to focus on the things I had to do day in and day out. I knew though, that she would not have wanted me to go on that way.

So one day, when that unbearable loss swelled up again, I just willed myself to think of the things in my life that I truly enjoyed, choosing tennis, seeing myself playing and winning match after match. I imagined how happy Kristin would be to know that I was out enjoying life. I focused on these thoughts until I felt the sadness lift. From then on, I kept myself from heading down that despairing path by imagining myself doing the things I loved.

You can do the same thing to get through painful times, increase your confidence, increase your happiness, and accomplish what you want to accomplish. Simply turn your focus away from the dark, judgmental, and pessimistic thoughts that keep cropping up. Choose to think of the things you truly love to do, the things you’ve already accomplished, and the wonderful things you have, and will have, in your life. Choose to take your thoughts down the bright and positive path.

You can read more about the power of the mind and what I call “Mind roads” on page 112 of my book, How to Ignite Your Passion for Living. You can get your copy or get a copy for someone who you think would benefit from the book’s sure-fire formula for getting what you really want.


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