The power of simple hard work

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One of the most fascinating areas I went through on my recent European trip was the Baltic states. Even though these regions didn’t really start to modernize until 1989 they have made incredible progress in the short time since. The roads are wonderful, food is terrific, the people are incredibly friendly, and technology is sprouting up everywhere. We even had full internet service on the super bus we took from Latvia to Estonia. I have to say, I didn’t expect to see such advancement, especially so soon after many decades of Soviet occupation and repression.

It’s obvious this development didn’t happen spontaneously in the Baltic states. The people of these countries worked very hard to get where they are today and continue to work hard to support the growth and improvement of their region. There was no magic pill or secret formula that brought on such incredible growth. Just a goal, persistence, and plain, old, hard work.

You can also see the results of such determination in the hardworking immigrants that come to the United States, many with no money and no prospects when they get here. Still, many manage to build businesses and successful careers from nothing more than perseverance and their own blood, sweat, and tears. Even when you don’t seem to have anything else, you have the ability to work hard to achieve whatever it is you want.

So look to the former Soviet countries and to the rousing examples of their success for inspiration and as an example of what can be done with simple determination and hard work.

One more thing about working hard—and keeping at it. Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers puts forth the 10,000 hour rule. His research has revealed the difference between the “haves and the have not’s”—10,000 hours. Gladwell calls it the 10,000 Hour Rule. He points to phenomenal successes like Bill Gates and The Beatles. These were not particularly brilliant or gifted people—just hard workers, putting in 10,000 hours of more of consistent work on their focus.  More on the 10,000 Hour Rule in a future blog.

But for now, continue to set BIG goals for yourself, write out your B-RAM lists, and get to work!


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