Give Your Brain the Novelty It Craves

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Have you ever considered how children and young people are always trying something new, pushing themselves, eager for adventure … but older people seem to be content to do the same things they always do in the same old way?

It’s just a generalization as I know many older people, myself included, that still continuously seek out new and challenging experiences. However, there is a sense of complacency that is easy to fall into as we get older or as the obligations of our life wear us down.

As our physical energy wanes, so does our ambition, and next thing we know, our brains turn off and we are just living on autopilot. It’s at that point that making any change in our lives gets very, very difficult.

The thing is our brains don’t wear out the same way as the rest of our body. Normally the brain is still willing and able to do its job learning, solving problems, and amassing knowledge even when we physically feel worn out. But when faced with a lot of stress or just dull repetitious experience the brain deteriorates.

To keep your brain in top shape, give it the novelty it craves. Educating yourself through books, television shows (like PBS and the History Channel), and on the Internet will certainly help, but remember, your brain is a multi-sensory organ. Feed all of it.

Get out of the house, out of town, out of the country when you can, and experience new sights, smells, sounds, flavors, and textures. New experiences will boost both your physical and mental energies and motivate you to do even more.

In fact, go and create a ”bucket list”—that stuff you want to do before you kick the bucket, like Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholsen did in the movie “The Bucket List”. I sure know that having my own “bucket list” motivates me to get out and do more and avoid stagnancy. There’s just so much to do in our short time here.

More on my bucket list–and some of the huge goals I have in that list–in the near future.

Keeping up that energy and motivation are KEY to getting what you want. So go out and enjoy life, learn and explore, and keep your mind sharp and your energy up.


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