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After all your hard work, all the trial and error, the long hours, the ups and downs of your success, there needs to be a pause, a time when you step away and look at what you’ve done and celebrate it. Taking time out to appreciate what you’ve accomplished is as necessary to successfully reaching and sustaining your goals as any other aspect.

These past few months have been a non-stop circus for me with the marketing of my book, the talk shows and interviews, the speeches I’ve made, and the building of a new home. But now I am off to Europe to visit with friends and take a leisurely barge trip through France. It may seem odd that I would go on a trip now when there is still so much to be done, but if I don’t, when will I stop and savor the life that I’ve built and all that I’ve done?

You work hard to achieve your goals but if you never step back to appreciate what you’ve done, you will lose perspective on why you’re doing it and will be working only for the stated goal instead of for the bigger picture—improving your life for you and your loved ones. You have to take time out to enjoy your accomplishments and enjoy your life.

Whenever you’ve gotten through a particularly difficult set of tasks or when you’ve reached a goal, even a minor one, celebrate it. Go out for dinner or take a trip like I have or simply allow yourself an afternoon off to go for a hike and consider what wonderful things you’ve accomplished. Not only is taking time out to celebrate essential to your happiness, it will add to your motivation and energy and make your tasks much more enjoyable.

Life is for the living, as they say. Work hard when you need to but live fully and take time out to appreciate all you have and all you’ve done.


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