Sharing your Passion Benefits Everyone

August 28, 2009 by  
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As some of you know, I fast regularly. It’s not a particularly fun process and there are times when I feel like it would be so easy to just give up and not go through my fasting. But I know I will always do it. It’s not just that I know how good it is for me, that I will really enjoy the benefits and would miss them if I didn’t go through with it, but it’s also because I am accountable to more than just myself. I write about my fasting routine in my book and talk How to IGNITE Your Passion for Living to other people about its great benefits. So how could I skip a fast after all that and let people down?

This is one of the reasons why I encourage people to share their goals and to talk about their passions. I call it a wise selfishness. You tell others about what you are doing because it drives you but also, the act of having to explain your intentions will help you focus and puts it out there publicly where, now, there are expectations that others are also aware of. It is amazing what that can do to keep you on track.

The act of sharing your goals is not really a wholly selfish act. You are actually doing others a disservice by not sharing because talking about what you are planning can be a tremendous inspiration to the people around you. Passion is contagious. Share your goals and your passion as you work towards them and just watch the people around you get fired up. It’s win-win.


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