Zen Habits and the Habits of Happiness

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“Thinking about the past and future is the cause of all unhappiness.”

– Leo Babauta

In this interview, Leo Babauta discusses what happiness is. Babauta is writer of the famous blog Zen Habits. There are many who tout happiness itself as an end. I’ve talked about how thinking about the past and future too much can cause unhappiness, however, what causes happiness?

I life I don’t focus on the cause of happiness, but instead I have written about the critical keys you need to bring satisfaction and contentment to your life. I don’t claim that these keys can bring you happiness though — like many others do. I believe that pursing happiness as a goal is folly.

Happiness is what you get from achieving your goals. Satisfaction and contentment are far superior and longer-lasting than feelings of so-called happiness.

“The happiest people I know always focus on the positive things in their lives — they always appreciate what they have, see the silver lining on everything, and find the good in everyone.”
– Leo Babauta.

Babauta focuses on passion and doing that which makes you feel contentment and satisfaction – and happiness often results. However, the Happiness Project focuses on happiness itself as a goal to pursuit. I think as you read my book, you’ll learn more about creating passion in life and the many facets of how we think, eat and do in life. This is what happiness results from.

If you have anything to share from reading my book How to Ignite your Passion for Living, I hope you’ll share in the comments.


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