Start Small but Get Started

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A challenge that faces us when under extreme stress is to keep focused on goals. You might be depressed or feel overwhelmed and the effect is you don’t want to do anything. This is precisely what you must do – act! You might not feel like getting out of your house – but do it anyway. Just getting started usually helps.

Focus on what you can do. Put deadlines with each step and keep focused on doing rather than perfection or worrying.

For example, you can set goals to:

  • Eat right – which will help your energy levels and you’ll feel better.
  • Exercise – challenge yourself to go on a walk, a bike ride, or anything. Start with a small goal, like 5 mins. or 15.

Small success leads to bigger success, especially as you continue over time. Leave a comment and tell me about some of your goals. How have you have broken them down into small pieces?


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  1. Larry Wojcik on December 26th, 2008 7:53 am

    Dear Mark,
    I listened to your comments on WCUB radio and was fasinated by your comments. I do prison ministry and your book would be very useful for the guys. You mentioned a free book on Igniting your passion.
    I would be interested in the free book or I will purchase it.
    Thank you.
    Larry Wojcik

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