The Key to Personal Satisfaction

August 13, 2008 by  
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Think about this:

  • How would you feel if you played a game of golf tomorrow and shot a perfect score—that is, you shot par on every single hole?
  • How would the inside of your head handle that experience, especially if it was your very first time playing golf?

Understandably, you most likely would feel fantastic. How high on the satisfaction scale would that golf score put you? I’d say pretty much at the top! Contentment—oh, yes, you’d be pretty darn content. Satisfaction—absolutely.

But how long would those feelings last? I’m afraid for most people, not very long.

Perfect Score—No Fun.

Let’s fast-forward a week. Let’s say you played golf a week later and, again, got that perfect par score. How would you feel then? Pretty darn good, right?

But what if you continued to shoot a perfect par score everyday no matter what golf course you played . . . and you did it day in and day out. How would you feel if it continued and was absolutely routine for you? And how long would your feeling of total contentment and satisfaction last? I would say not very long.

Why? Because you didn’t have to work for it! That’s one of the reasons that almost all lottery winners end up miserable, notwithstanding all the money. They didn’t have to work for it—people just don’t value or derive much satisfaction from things in their lives that they don’t struggle and work very hard for.


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