The Benefits of a “God’s-Eye View”

August 13, 2008 by  
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A few years ago I watched the twoWilliams sisters (Venus and Serena) duke it out in the Finals of England’s famousWimbledon Tennis Tournament. I couldn’t help but put myself inside their father’s head as he watched his two daughters battle hard, one trying to beat the other. All I could think about was that the only way Richard Williams could sit and watch the match was as if he were God. Obviously, he cared about both his daughters, and loved them both equally and deeply. He couldn’t help but cheer for both of them—be proud of both of them. And, it probably didn’t matter to him who won the match. When you’re a parent, you start learning the “God lesson” or you begin to develop a “God perspective” on many things—or what I call a “God’s-Eye View” or simply GEV.

Having a GEV allows you to see both sides of most, if
not all issues. You can rejoice with the winner and at the
same time you share the pain of the loser.


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