An Umbrella Goal for LIFE

August 13, 2008 by  
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Here’s an umbrella goal for your life and my life. And believe me this goal supports all other goals. In fact, you and I will most likely die without it—or at least die much younger than we should. At a minimum, without this goal, we may live quite miserably as we get older.

This goal is that serious—that important!

What I’m about to tell you, we’ve all heard a thousand times. We know it’s a basic truth. A growing number of people (especially in the United States) are further away from achieving this goal than ever before.

What is this so-called umbrella goal, the goal that makes virtually everything else in your life work—and work well?

I’ll get to that answer in a minute—but first let me tease you a bit more.

You can see the results everywhere of those who don’t set and achieve this goal—from rich people to poor people. In fact, you see people who have set lofty and very worthwhile goals, even achieve them or are on the brink of great personal success, and then bang, they die or their health goes to pot and they can’t really enjoy any of their success or even enjoy life at all.

What I’m talking about is your health—physical and mental.


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