The Dalai Lama’s Request.

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I found an explanation of why this could be so in Time magazine, of all places. A University of Wisconsin professor, Richard Davidson, who Time had honored as one of the “100 People Who Shape Our World,” was actually asked by the Dalai Lama to study the connection between the meditative state of mind of his Buddhist monks and their emotional and mental health.
Davidson first hooked 128 electrodes to the head of a French-born monk, Mattieu Ricard, and recorded an immediate increase in the gamma activity when the monk began to meditate. Later studies with a control
group showed that “monks produce gamma waves that were thirty times stronger than the control group.”

But what does all this mean? Simply put, this and other research unveils the real possibility that the brain, like the rest of the body, can be altered intentionally. Just as we build muscle through exercise, we can also build our mental capacities that can lead to better brain function and an increase in essential cognitive functions, including memory and perception. This all creates a more positive mental state—and that’s what in turn creates more productive gamma brain waves.


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