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More Than One Path to Longevity

November 26, 2023 by   • Filed under blog

A number of years ago, when I was writing one of my later books, The Next Step to Waking Up the Financial Genius Inside You, I decided to bring up a subject that I knew some might find surprising to be in such a book.

In that book I wrote about how impressed I was by the work of both Dr. Roy Walford and his daughter, Lisa Walford. They both wrote books on longevity. It’s a subject I’ve long been very interested in.

Doctor Roy Walford, who you may know, was the attending physician in the famous Biosphere experiments and was probably one of the world’s leading experts on longevity. One of his books, Beyond the 120 Year Diet, really grabbed my attention when I found it. The book by Lisa Walford that really sparked my imagination was The Longevity Diet. There is so much great information and advice between those two books.

They just seem to be so dead on accurate about the keys to great health and longevity. However, as I read and reread these books and learned about the strategies and practices they suggested, I realized that we really could dramatically increase our chances of excellent health throughout our lifetime, possibly pushing the maximum lifespan to well beyond 100. The thing was though, I came to understand that it was likely to be very difficult to do what they recommended.

Did I want to be super healthy? Did I want to live a superlong life? The answers to those questions are easy – yes! However, I had to seriously think about whether I could follow these suggested practices and stay with it. And I just wasn’t sure.

Because I wasn’t sure, I kept looking for more answers. And what I did learn was that there are several different ways that I could increase my longevity and enjoy excellent health. I will share what I’ve learned with you on my next week’s blog.

I have to say, it’s really working as I approach my 80th birthday, on my way to 105 and maybe 120 or more!

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